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PWM Charge Controller

pwm charge controllers

When designing a solar system you want to ensure you are getting all the components that will help you efficiently collect and use the suns rays for powering your electronic applications. PWM charge controllers are a cost effective solution that can be utilized with small solar set ups. They are not really rated to care for high voltages or large scale systems.

POWERSYNC PWM Charge Controllers will act as a switch between the panels and the batteries. Therefore it is important to select one based upon the solar panel wattage. The battery voltage will reach a regulation set point at which time the PWM charge controller will slowly decrease the charging current.

This will help avoid heating and gassing of the batteries. Throughout the process, the max amount of energy will be supplied to the batteries in the shortest amount of time allowing the system to achieve higher charging efficiency, rapid recharging, and healthy batteries at full capacity

PWM Charge Controller Specs

PWM Charge Controllers - Features


12V/ 24 V system voltages are automatically recognized.

Upgraded 3-Stage PWM

An upgraded 3-stage PWM charging algorithm is adopted. Application of an equalizing charging to the battery periodically or when over discharged, can effectively prevent the battery from non-equalization and sulfuration, thus extending the battery’s service life.

Adjust Automatically

With temperature compensation employed, charging parameters can be automatically adjusted.

Different Types of Load

A wide range of load working modes facilitate the product’s application to different types of load.


The product provides overcharge, over-discharge, overload protection, as well as short-circuit protection.

Smooth Start

By virtue of an advanced load starting method, large capacitance loads can be started smoothly.

LCD Screen

The product provides a dot matrix graphic LCD screen and a human-machine interface with a key.

User Friendly

The user-friendly design of browser and dynamic interfaces ensure convenient and intuitive operations.

Robust Design For All Types Of Weather

Boasting an industrial grade design, the product can function well in various tough conditions.

TVS lighting protection is adopted.

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