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HV-ESS Solutions

Utility-Increase grid resilience, reduce costs of peak demand, improve power quality, and mitigate risks of power outages.

Gen-sets / Hybrid Systems-Ensure 100% grid up-time by combining the HV-ESS with DC generators.

Micro-grid / Offgrid-Install a localized self-sustaining grid with energy storage and establish energy independence.

Demand Shaving– Discharge the battery at times of peak demand to eliminate or reduce demand charges.

Renewable Integration– Scalable ESS systems achieve a maximum cycle life and power output with the optimal storage capacity.

Telecom– Providing an effective solution to mitigate the risks of power instability minimizing the need for diesel generators.

Frequency Regulation– Charge and discharge instantaneously to provide frequency regulation and voltage control for grid or micro-grids.

UPS / Critical Power– Avoid power loss to your business and critical systems in the event of a grid interruption.

DescriptionHigh Voltage ESSSuper Discharge HV-ESSLow Voltage ESSLow Voltage ESS
Phase3 Phase3 PhaseSingle PhaseSingle Phase
VoltageUp to 864VUp to 864V51.2V51.2V
Discharge TimeNormal Discharge < 2CSuper Discharge 2C to 4CNormal Discharge < 0.5CNormal Discharge < 0.5C
Cycle Time30 Min to 24+ Hour Battery< 30 Min Battery1 – 24+ Hour Battery1 – 24+ Hour Battery
ApplicationsDemand ShavingHybrid GensetTelecomDemand Shaving
Hybrid GensetHigh Rate UPSLow Rate UPSTime of Use Optimization
Renewable EnergyFrequencySingle Phase ElectricalNet Metering
MicrogridRegulationOff Grid

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