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Solar Power Battery Storage – Powering Energy Independence

solar power battery storage

POWERSYNC Energy Solutions is powering the way to energy independence by offering a solar power battery storage system that can help reduce energy costs.  With a POWERSYNC ESS combined with solar PV production, together we will ensure that customers do not lose the energy they produce while having the backup power available when it is needed.

According to NREL studies, using solar power battery storage to eliminate or reduce export to the grid from a PV system will improve the overall project economics.  PV alone is cost-effective, but when paired with a battery, there is a greater opportunity for cost savings.  Furthermore, with an increasing frequency of blackouts or brownouts, having battery backup is crucial for residential, commercial and agricultural customers.

In addition to solar PV systems, our plug and play modular solar power battery storage systems can be used for grid tied time of use optimization and net metering with battery backup, or just cut the cord and go off-grid like many of our customers have done.

Our LV-ESS are designed for 48V inverter systems are used in residential and single phase commercial or agriculture applications.   Our LV-ESS are compatible with a wide selection of industry leading standard solar charge controllers, inverters and energy management systems including but not limited to Outback Radian and Outback Skybox, Shneider Conext XW, Victron Energy, SolArk, and others.

There is a growing business opportunity for traditional solar installers, EPC’s, and project coordinators to add energy storage to their projects.

Contact us today to find out how to get started with adding energy storage to your project. Visit or call (877) 459-4591.