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Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage 

POWERSYNC designs and builds advanced critical energy storage systems which are deployed in demand response enabled microgrid solutions for commercial applications.

Our advanced High Voltage Energy Storage Systems (HV-ESS) allow companies to mitigate economic risk with on-site independent backup power to essential equipment while helping to insulate operating expenses from utility rate increases and fluctuations in power supply.

Our HV-ESS are designed for 3 phase electrical architecture in commercial applications and easily integrates with a broad selection of high power inverters, power control systems (PCS) and energy management systems.

Energy Solutions

Commercial Energy Risks


As a result of natural disasters, businesses face the risk of catastrophic disruptions causing significant loss of revenue that can last for days, weeks or months.


Throughout the United States, nuclear and fossil fuel power plants are being downsized or decommissioned.  As of more pressure that is placed on alternative energy resources, at times the utilities are unable to meet the electrical demand by their customers during peak output.


Power blackouts interrupt business operations whether they last for seconds or hours.  In some cases a few seconds of a power interruption can put a business out of commission for hours or even days.


Many factors are contributing to the rising costs of electricity.  Commercial and industrial customers are looking to mitigate rising costs.

Commercial Energy Storage Solutions



Energy Storage is a critical component of any Micro-Grid.  Whether the microgrid is one circuit within a building, a mobile power station, or it is an entire campus, our HV-ESS can be configured to meet the power needs of any project.

Our HV-ESS are being deployed to meet a wide variety of micro-grid applications.



Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the first line of defense for corporations who need to protect their company from the detrimental risks of power outages which can cost businesses thousands of dollars per minute!

Our HV-ESS are are designed to ensure businesses will have power to meet their facility’s critical power needs.



For many companies the most significant portion of the electric bill are the demand charges which are based on the highest amount of power drawn during any (typically 15-minute) interval during the billing period.

Without our HV-ESS, traditional solar systems can do very little to reduce demand charges.



The lack of reliable electric supply and high costs of peak demand are some of the challenges that are a motivating factor in energy manager’s search for a more reliable and long term solution for secondary power supply.

Our HV-ESS-SD “Super Discharge” battery systems are being deployed to allow companies to achieve significant savings with hybrid genset battery systems.

Commercial Energy Storage Calculator